Book review: “Free-Wrench” by Joseph R. Lallo


free wrench coverIn a world full of morbid plots and dark clouds, Joseph Lallo delivers this little silver lining of a story. Let me say this book was a fun read.

In a fictional steampunk world, plagued by a terrible environmental disaster known as the fug, the land of Caldera has isolated itself from the rest of the world to keep the pollution at bay whilst pursuing more aesthetic ideals. The protagonist, Amanita Graus, is a more unconventional and practical Calderan, who chooses a more practical profession, trading the canvas for a spanner to work with steam-powered machinery. In order to attain a cure for her mother’s terrible illness, she embarks on an adventure by boarding the “Wind Breaker” (yes, I snickered a bit), an airship, commandeered by a group of trader/smugglers from the outside who illegally sell their wares in Caldera…

Did I mention this was a fun book? Joseph Lallo tells a lighthearted steampunk story with interesting, funny characters and even an interesting little creature too. Lallo also incorporates generous helpings of humour, a well crafted setting and a great sense of adventure which all makes this a very likeable story and one I’ll gladly recommend.

I really enjoyed it.

(Click here for the amazon review, and here to buy it on amazon Kindle if you are interested)


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