Update: Mutiny as a series


Mutiny episode 1 coverIt’s been a while. Actually more than a while. I’ve decided to pick up the pen again. I started with my masters degree this year, so fiction writing, blogging and book reviewing has taken a back seat.

After making the mistake of rushing Mutiny into publication and then realising it had a few flaws, I finally decided to polish it a bit and relaunch Mutiny in the form of a series.

Mutiny, a short story has been re-imagined as episode 1 of the series. I am currently working on episode 2. The ending of Episode 1 has been improved and I corrected a terrible mistake (which you can learn more about from the only person who has reviewed Mutiny on Amazon – a review which I deserved). The updated cover also now says “Episode 1”, beneath the title.

The upcoming episodes will also be shorter forms of fiction, but not as short as episode 1. They will be more like novelettes or novellas. I also plan on compiling the complete series then into an omnibus.

You can  find Mutiny: Episode 1 on amazon by clicking here


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