Book Review: “A Man Called Outlaw” by K.M. Weiland


Western, it seems, is a rather polarizing genre in terms of popularity. Many people are avid fans and others simply don’t like it. The once popular genre in both literature and film has also declined in popularity. Fans of the genre tend to be nostalgic, yearning for the golden era of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. But alas, those days are gone and few Western films cause audiences to flock to the cinema these days. That is a pity, because I kind of like the genre.

Enter K.M. Weiland’s novel, “A Man Called Outlaw.”

In this novel, two stories are told in two respective time periods. Miss Weiland manages to get the reader really invested in the characters and draws the reader into their world. The protagonist is easy to root for and the villain is very evil indeed, but all the characters are realistic and distinct – three dimensional. The story is also very well researched and this helps to immerse the reader into the 19th century American West – from the clothing worn to the colloquialisms used. (Also a hat tip to the author, coming from a gun enthusiast like myself, for the specific mentioning of loading five rounds into a single-action revolver that can hold six. Check this video to see why.)

I highly recommend this book to anyone. Fans of the Western genre will certainly like it, but there’s more to this story than gunfights and riding off into the sunset. It has lots of depth with great conflict between even greater characters.

I Loved it.

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